scarlet ink custom tattoos
Scarlet Ink is back!

After a couple years of much needed rest and living life on the farm with my soulmate, our furs kids, a few chickens and thousands of bees I decided it was time to get back to the drawing table and tattoo machines! Yes.. i missed tattooing and the great encounters with all the stellar people i got the honour to tattoo!

For the newcomers here's a little informations about me:

I am an ACAD graduate from the fine arts program and have been a maker my whole life. I started tattooing in 2004 here in Calgary, won a few awards and Scarlet Ink was established in 2008. During my recent time away i have honed my skills as a floral designer by attending the Canadian Institute of Floral Design in Toronto as well as McQueens floral school in London UK. My floral business, Bloom & Basil focuses on wedding and event design. Similarly I draw inspiration mostly from nature, life and beauty in my tattoo practice. The dark side of life isn't really my thing.. chances are I will make your zombies look cheerful. All ideas are welcome but i reserve myself the right to select tattoo projects that are in keeping with what i do best. It is truly an honour to be chosen as your artist and i am committed to excellence in both the quality of my work as well as safety practices.

All photography and artworks on this website are done by me unless mentioned otherwise.

Thank you,


Scarlet Ink is located in the Grain Exchange Building downtown Calgary.
815 1st St. SW
Suite 203